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Commercial HVAC Service MN If you are a commercial building owner or manager, going green with your HVAC systems makes good economic sense. Controlling energy costs is just one of the ways that choosing high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment for your property benefits you. Due to our long harsh winters and hot humid summers, lowering heating and cooling costs in Minnesota can result in significant savings. Whether you’re specifying HVAC equipment for a new building or replacing existing systems, consider the ways that choosing high-efficiency, green systems may repay a higher initial cost over time:

  • Lower Energy Bills – This reason is the simplest to understand. It’s obvious that a more efficient HVAC system will use less energy to achieve the comfort standards required by your building. A system that is 15% more efficient will save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars every year on your total energy bill.
  • Tax Advantages – Although tax credits for green technology vary with time, local, state, and federal tax advantages for investing in high-efficiency HVAC systems can often completely offset the higher initial cost of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.
  • High Efficiency HVAC MN Public Acceptance – Today, more and more businesses and consumers take environmental concerns into consideration when selecting which businesses to patronize. What that means for you is higher tenancy rates and attracting additional customers when you go green on heating and cooling. You’ll see the results on your bottom line.
  • Higher Reliability – In most cases, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners available from manufacturers like Carrier, Goodman, Bryant and Lennox are based on better technology and engineering than their less efficient systems. Better controls are also part of these systems. Warranties are often longer on this equipment, too, and they represent the current state of the art. Higher reliability lowers your cost over the lifetime of the equipment, and can reduce repair and maintenance costs.

If you’d like to find out how much you can save by installing a high-efficiency HVAC system, we will be glad to provide a free onsite assessment and show you the savings over the long term. We offer highly competitive prices on all commercial heating and air conditioning equipment.

Elements of Energy-Efficient Commercial Buildings in Minnesota

Install Rooftop HVAC MN Going green in your commercial building isn’t just a one-shot process. While installing high-efficiency heating and cooling units is an important step, there are many other factors to consider:

  • Overall Building Factors – Aside from energy efficient equipment, other factors affect your energy budget. Maximizing your energy savings may also include improvements in building energy efficiency. Control of individual zones, removing causes of heat losses, and right-sizing of HVAC systems are important factors.
  • Environmental Issues – Reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, ending use of ozone-depleting refrigerants, and cutting back on total electrical and fuel usage are important factors in energy-efficient buildings. A formal energy audit is often a good starting point in setting goals for beneficial changes. Current state-of-the-art HVAC Systems from Carrier and Lennox can help you achieve those goals.
  • Controlling Your Interior Environment – All commercial buildings must consider the quality of the inside environment. Air quality, temperature control, and adequate ventilation are all important for your building’s occupants. Your HVAC system is a crucial component in these issues, and current technology now gives you unmatched control over these factors.

If you’d like to find out how much it costs to install high-efficiency commercial HVAC systems, including packaged rooftop furnaces and air conditioners, we will be glad to provide a free onsite estimate. We offer top-quality products at affordable prices and we will help you qualify for any rebates for more savings.

If you own or manage commercial properties, you may want to consider qualifying for LEED certification. Awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council to commercial buildings that meet high environmental standards, it can be a key factor in attracting environmentally conscious tenants and customers. High-efficiency heating and cooling equipment is an important factor in obtaining this certification.

Minnesota Commercial HVAC Company – High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling

At our heating and air conditioning company, we’re dedicated to helping you meet the energy and environmental goals you’ve set for your commercial property. We can help you choose state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems and components that will lower your energy costs, help you qualify for rebates, and assist in achieving the high air quality inside your building that your occupants demand. Our two decades of experience and knowledge of current HVAC systems lets us help you to specify the right equipment for your particular situation. Contact us soon to discuss your commercial heating service needs. We’ll work with you to find an ideal solution to match your goals.