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Ductless Air Conditioner Heat Pumps Dealer MN Keeping commercial and public buildings cool during the hot, humid summer months and warm in chilly spring and fall weather in Minnesota can present some tough problems. As the most trusted commercial HVAC contractor in Minnesota, we’re often asked to solve those problems, and there are new solutions now available that didn’t exist when we opened our business over 20 years ago. Ductless mini-split air conditioning from Carrier and LG offers unique solutions that don’t require air ducts to provide cool air in situations that are difficult to cool within a building. These systems are also available in heat pump versions for supplemental heating during cool weather. They provide excellent control over humidity and temperature, as well as single or multiple-zone air conditioning.

Commercial Ductless HVAC MN Carrier and LG ductless high-efficiency air conditioning and heat pump systems are made up of a compact outdoor unit that contains the compressor and condenser equipment. These can be installed on the ground, taking up little space, or can even be mounted on exterior walls. Each outdoor unit can power a single indoor unit or several indoor units, depending on the model. Indoors, an attractive module includes a fan, controls, and the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. The two units are connected by easy-to-route, easily-concealed hoses. The result is quiet, cool comfort in the summer, and heat during cool spring and fall weather without the need for installation of air ducts. Some of the commercial and public settings that can benefit from LG ductless heat pumps and air conditioning include:

  • Computer Server Rooms

    In many business buildings, computer servers and networking equipment generate a large amount of heat that needs to be dissipated quickly and effectively. Very often, additional cooling equipment is needed to lower the room temperatures. We have designed effective cooling plans for such a need using ductless air conditioners.

  • Buildings without Central Air Ducts

    In churches, auditoriums, and many other public spaces, the addition of exposed air ducts may interfere with the aesthetics of the space and is not an acceptable solution. At our Minnesota commercial HVAC company, we’ve used LG ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems creatively, solving such cooling and supplemental heat problems while maintaining the architectural beauty of the building’s interior.

  • Interior Office Spaces

    Large open spaces are relatively easy to heat and cool using normal commercial HVAC equipment. In warehouses, factories, workshops, distribution centers, and similar buildings, however, there are often enclosed interior spaces used for offices or other functions that aren’t well served by the ventilation system. High-efficiency, ductless air conditioners and heat pumps from LG and Carrier can solve such problems, providing comfortable working conditions economically.

  • Boiler-Heated Spaces

    Buildings like apartment buildings, older office buildings, schools, and many others are heated by radiant heat from radiators, supplied by a boiler. These buildings are notoriously hard to cool, since installing ductwork for central air conditioning may not be possible or practical. LG and Carrier ductless air conditioners offer a solution that is quiet, highly energy-efficient, and economical for these situations.

  • Replacing Window AC Units

    Anywhere inefficient window mounted air conditioners are used, replacing those noisy, balky units with high-efficiency, almost silent LG or Carrier ductless AC systems provides a long-term, affordable solution that provides excellent cooling and saves on energy costs. As a bonus, heat pump versions of these systems can also provide warmth in cool weather without firing up the homes heating system.

  • Cool-Down Rooms

    When workers get overheated or chilled in large open buildings like warehouses or distribution centers, productivity suffers and there can even be adverse health effects. Providing a cool-down and warm-up room allows workers to get some relief, and LG ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems are an economical way to provide the needed supplemental heat and cooling for such rooms.

Ductless Air Conditioning MN Our sales staff is available 7 days a week to provide you a free on-site estimate on the cost of ductless AC installation. We offer the most competitive pricing on our products and services. Many of the products that we supply qualify for rebate offers by manufacturers and energy companies. We have been committed to offering quality products at affordable prices for our customers for over two decades.

We serve businesses across the entire Twin Cities metro, from Anoka, Ramsey, Brooklyn Center and Roseville in the north to Richfield, Apple Valley, Lakeville and Eden Prairie in the south, and from Woodbury, Maplewood, Cottage Grove and White Bear Lake in the east to Plymouth, Minnetonka, Golden Valley and St. Louis Park.

LG and Carrier Ductless Air Conditioner Dealer – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Ductless Air Conditioning MN As a licensed and locally owned HVAC contractor in the Twin Cities, solving tough problems is just part of what we do. When it comes to dealing with commercial spaces that are difficult to cool during our hot summer months, and for heating in the spring and fall, the solution to the problem may be an LG or Carrier ductless mini-split air conditioner and heat pump. We offer affordable, efficient products and fast installation. We specialize in creating customized installation for a wide range of businesses and properties. Today’s Carrier and LG duct-free HVAC technology provides new ways to meeting your special air conditioning requirements. Contact us for a free consultation. Let us show you how we can create a cost-effective, efficient solution for you.