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Commercial Air Ductwork Minneapolis MN The air ducts in your commercial property are crucial to your overall heating, cooling, and ventilation system. Proper installation, maintenance and repair are important parts of providing a comfortable environment for building residents, tenants, and employees. As the most reliable commercial HVAC contractor in Minnesota, we install, maintain, extend, modify and repair all types of ductwork for all types commercial buildings in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. Every building requires a unique design of its air duct system in order to provide adequate ventilation. We can customize it to fit your building structure and requirements. Our services include:

  • New Air Ducts

    We install complete new air duct systems in commercial buildings as part of our rooftop furnace, air conditioning, and ventilation services. If your new rooftop unit requires new or additional ductwork, we can design it to meet your HVAC requirements and install it correctly and quickly.

  • New Additions

    If you need to provide heating and cooling to new areas inside your building, you need expansion of your ventilation system or relocation of ductwork. Our installers can handle the job at highly affordable cost.

  • Alterations

    From new outlets and registers to relocating due to a remodeling project, call on our crews for creative solutions that ensure your ventilation is adequate and efficient.

  • Accessories

    From duct heaters, circulation fans, specialized filters, and other additional in-duct equipment, we can supply, install, and maintain these accessories.

  • Inspections

    Are leaks wasting energy and raising your HVAC operating costs? Are your ducts noisy? Let our Minnesota HVAC company inspect your ducts and vents and correct problems.

  • Repair

    If you have damaged ductwork, our repair technicians can replace damaged sections quickly, restoring your system to full operation.

A building’s ductwork is the foundation of its heating and air conditioning system. We offer top-quality installation and repair service at affordable prices. If you need HVAC ductwork service, contact us for a free onsite cost estimate on how much it will cost to install, extend or repair your air ducts and vents. We have been serving commercial buildings in Minneapolis and St. Paul for 20+ years and earned the reputation as the best-rated ductwork contractor.

Commercial HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Service

Commercial Ductwork Installer MN The interior of commercial HVAC ductwork is often neglected. It’s out of sight and out of mind most of the time. However, the constant circulation of air through this system carries dust, debris, and contaminants, which settle on the walls of the ducts. Over time, this accumulation has many negative effects on people’s health and the energy costs, and should be removed. At our Minnesota commercial HVAC company, we have the best equipment and technicians available to clean your air ducts and remove all accumulated debris that is causing problems and cutting into your building’s profitability. Our powerful truck-mounted vacuum systems and specialized high-pressure pneumatic cleaning systems can reach all areas of your air ducts and remove all debris and the following problems.

  • Decreased Airflow

    Accumulations of debris in your air ducts reduce the efficiency of your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Badly neglected ductwork can cut efficiency by as much as 20%. That increases your energy bills.

  • Health Hazards

    Along with dust, fibers, and other debris, air ducts can be a breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and fungi. Allergens also accumulate. All of these harmful materials can circulate into occupied areas, causing discomfort and illnesses. Sick Building Syndrome, due in part to ductwork contamination, is a major problem for many property owners or managers. The cost of lost productivity alone can heavily impact your bottom line.

  • Odors

    Odorous material also accumulates in air ducts, being retained by the accumulation of debris. Occasionally, animals even enter ductwork and die. Bad odors circulate through the entire duct system making your property undesirable and your occupants uncomfortable.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Company We’ll be happy to give you a price quote for duct cleaning at your location in Minneapolis St. Paul, and can perform cleaning at convenient times to minimize disruption. Over time, running your rooftop heating and air conditioning system with cleaner air ducts results in savings that are much higher than the cost of the cleaning service. We recommend annual duct cleaning for all commercial properties. In dusty or dirty environments, more frequent cleaning may be needed.

No matter where your business is located in the Twin Cities, our award-winning service is just a phone call away. We deliver affordable, fast and professional service to all parts of the metro, from Champlin, Anoka, Maple Grove and Roseville to Savage, Apple Valley, Bloomington and Richfield, and from Woodbury, Inver Grove Heights, White Bear Lake and Oakdale to Minnetonka, Plymouth, Edina and Golden Valley.

Minnesota Commercial Air Duct Company in Minneapolis St. Paul

Whatever HVAC ductwork needs you have, our top-rated heating and cooling company has the solution. Our highly trained, experienced technicians can handle the job, and our expert sales consultants can create customized solutions for your difficult problems. It’s all part of our full-service heating, air conditioning and ventilation capability. Contact us with any ductwork issue. We will be glad to provide a free onsite pricing estimate on the cost of duct installation or cleaning for your business building. We’re always ready to help.