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Economizers for Rooftop Furnaces and Air Conditioners

Economizer Installation Minneapolis St Paul MN Commercial heating and air conditioning systems installed for buildings in Minneapolis St. Paul have to contend with difficult weather conditions. Minnesota frigid winters and hot, humid summers require careful design of HVAC equipment. But fall and spring weather also present some unique issues. Even when the outside air is chilly, heat-generating equipment inside buildings constantly radiate heat and can raise indoor temperatures to an uncomfortable level. When that happens, wasting expensive energy by running air conditioning equipment just doesn’t make sense.

Similar overheating occurs in our homes, too, but the solution there is simple. Homeowners just open their windows and let the cool outside air circulate and keep inside temperatures comfortable. That solution, however, doesn’t work in most commercial buildings. Dealing with excess interior heat when outdoor temperatures are low requires a solution that works with the building’s central air ventilation system. That solution is the air-side economizer.

What Is an Economizer?

HVAC Economizer Installation Minneapolis St Paul MN At our Minnesota HVAC service company, almost all rooftop heating and air conditioning systems that we install are equipped with an economizer. During cool months of the fall and spring, they admit additional cool outdoor air into the ventilation system for cooling purposes. Whenever indoor temperatures are unpleasantly warm and it is cool outside, they assist in the cooling process, minimizing the need to run air conditioning compressors and saving on energy costs.

Economizers are mounted directly on rooftop HVAC units. Control systems measure outdoor ambient conditions and regulate the amount of outdoor air that is admitted into the ventilation system. Depending on the outdoor conditions, cooling using an economizer may be adequate. The result is energy savings and prolonged equipment life. Under certain conditions, outdoor air is cold enough to prevent the air conditioner from running, while temperatures inside the building may be too high for comfort. An economizer takes care of all cooling needs in those conditions.

Matching Economizers to Heating and AC Equipment

HVAC Rooftop Unit Economizer MN Carrier supplies integrated economizers that are custom-designed to match their top-quality rooftop packaged gas furnaces and air conditioners. Our sales consultants will help you in selecting an economizer and control system that is ideally suited for our unpredictable Minnesota weather. If you choose a Goodman, Lennox, Bryant, Trane or Payne rooftop unit, those manufacturers also supply custom-fitted, compatible economizers, maximizing comfort while minimizing energy consumption. Our sales staff will be happy to provide an on-site estimate on the installation cost. We offer fast installation and highly competitive prices.

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At our Twin Cities commercial heating and AC company, we have over 25 years of experience with the special conditions created by Minnesota extremely variable climate. For commercial rooftop furnaces and air conditioners, that means selecting the proper equipment that ensures comfortable working and operating conditions in any building, regardless of the weather. You can rely on our seasoned, experienced sales consultants to recommend top-rated products from Carrier, Lennox, Bryant, Trane or Goodman, including an integrated air-side economizer that will provide maximum performance and money-saving operation through all four Minnesota seasons. Contact us soon and let us advise you.