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Furnace Cost Prices MN Each year, representatives from our Twin Cities heating company consult with countless homeowners throughout the area who need a new or replacement furnace. Inevitably, one of the first questions we hear is “How much is the price?” The answer we always give is, “It varies.” That’s because there are several other questions that need answers before we can quote an actual price. That’s also why we can’t provide a specific price on our website or over the phone. What we can do is to give you information on all factors that affect the total cost of a new or replacement installation. As a leading Minnesota residential HVAC contractor, we work hard to help our customers get the heating system they want at an affordable price that won’t break their budgets.

  • The Furnace Capacity You Need Affects Your Total Cost

    Every home is different in size and construction. Regardless of brand or model, furnaces come in a range of capacities, measured in BTU per hour ratings. As part of our consultation with you, we’ll do calculations to determine the optimal capacity for your home heating. The higher the capacity you need, the higher the cost of the equipment will be. You’ll get the most value from a properly sized furnace that is an ideal match for your particular home. We’ll make sure you don’t choose equipment that is undersized or oversized. Our experience and knowledge of Minnesota weather conditions ensure accurate recommendations.

  • Different Manufacturers Have Different Pricing

    There are many heating and air conditioning equipment brands on the market. Some are household names, like Carrier, Lennox, Bryant and Trane. Other brands are not as well known, like Daikin, Payne, Rheem, Ruud, Tempstar and others. All are available in a wide range of capacities, models and features. If you compare prices for furnaces with similar features, capacities, warranties and other factors, you’ll find surprisingly large differences. Here’s a secret: Most manufacturers have multiple brand names. Often, differences between brands are minor, but pricing can vary widely. Our representatives will show you prices from several brands and let you make your own choice. We won’t try to pressure you into buying a particular brand, like some Twin Cities dealers do.

  • The Model You Choose Has a Large Impact on Cost

    Gas furnaces from every brand are available in several model lines. Each brand offers a luxury line, a medium-priced line and an economy line. Equipment costs vary, depending on which model line you choose. The differences between these lines of products include efficiency, quietness levels, technology, warranty protection terms and control systems, among other factors. We’ll explain all of these differences in our consultations to help you make the right choice and keep your costs under control.

  • The Fuel Efficiency Affects Initial Price and the Cost of Operation

    Fuel efficiency is rated by AFUE percentage. Standard 80% AFUE furnaces deliver about 80 cents worth of actual heat for every dollar you pay for natural gas. Today’s top-of-the-line models are rated as high as 97% AFUE, giving you 97 cents worth of heat for every dollar you spend on fuel. The higher the AFUE rating, the more your new system will cost. How much more depends on the brand and model you select. When considering efficiency, keep annual energy bill costs in mind. The higher the efficiency, the more you’ll save each month on your energy bills. We’ll show you energy cost estimates for a range of choices and help you calculate total cost of ownership.

  • Installation Costs Are Also Part of the Total Price

    The cost of installing a furnace varies too, depending on furnace type and your home’s air duct and venting system. That cost, however, will be about the same for similar models and efficiency ratings. It’s based on the amount of work required for the job. We’ll give you an accurate installation cost estimate as part of our total quote. Our experienced, highly trained technicians work efficiently and expertly on every installation. That helps keep your costs low. Our installation costs are highly competitive, but the quality of our work is superior.

  • Rebates, Tax Credits and Other Discounts Can Save Money for You

    If you choose a high-efficiency furnace, you may qualify for rebates from local energy companies and some manufacturers. Tax rebates from the state and federal government can also help you keep your total cost low. These programs change frequently. We’ll be happy to explain available rebates and other savings opportunities in our consultation with you. We also offer special discounts and other offers to help you save. We’re always looking for ways to help our customers keep their costs as low as possible. We can also assist you in finding low-interest financing for your new furnace.

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