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Garage Heater Installation in Minneapolis St. Paul

Garage Heater Installation Minneapolis St Paul MN More and more Twin Cities homeowners are using their garages to do much more than shelter their cars and trucks. The COVID-19 pandemic means we’re staying at home more. People are converting parts of their garages into home offices for remote work or even side businesses. They are also using their Minnesota garages to host gatherings with social distancing and for hobbies. It’s not surprising, since a typical residential garage is the largest enclosed space at most homes. With winter always on the horizon, though, keeping a large garage space warm and comfortable can be a real challenge.

Reznor Garage Heater Installation MN We have been installing Reznor UDAP and UDAS gas-fired unit heating systems throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul area for decades. In the past, most of those installations were in businesses like auto shops, woodworking shops, warehouses, and other large open spaces. Our installation technicians have vast experience in turning open areas with large square footage into comfortable places to be, even in our extreme winter conditions. We would love to help you add affordable, reliable, money-saving heat to your garage.

Free Cost Estimate and Fast Installation

As the leading heating and air conditioning company in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, we’re your best choice for innovative, economical home garage heating systems. We will show you all your options and give you a free comprehensive price quote for the ideal system for your unique needs. Then, with your approval, we’ll handle the job quickly and expertly, from system installation, gas plumbing, electrical wiring, and any required permits. We are always on call for regular maintenance and repair needs. Start enjoying your new garage space right away, however you use it.