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Gravity Octopus Furnace Removal and Replacement – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Octopus Furnace Removal Contractor Minneapolis MN If you’re one of the thousands of Twin Cities homeowners whose home was built long ago, you may have an antiquated gravity furnace in your basement. Also called octopus furnaces for their multi-duct appearance, these old heaters are extremely inefficient, and cost homeowners up to 50% more in energy costs. They were originally designed to burn coal, but most have been converted to natural gas operation. What wasn’t changed, though, is their low efficiency and poor heat distribution within your home. Replacing your gravity furnace will instantly lead to dramatic savings, and those savings will add up, year after year, to repay the one-time cost of the upgrade many times over.

Here are some of the main concerns by homeowners.

The service technicians pulled out two old gravity furnace units and dealt with the existing asbestos issues. They also put in two new furnace units complete with ducts and central AC for each side of a duplex residence. The job estimator Chris was easy to work with and straightforward. He told us what the home required, laid out several possibilities, and gave a personal recommendation as to what would likely be the most beneficial system for us. The installation crew was on time and did everything promised in a workmanlike manner. There are plenty of things I’d rather use my cash for than heating and air conditioning, but this heating company made me feel a lot better about it. I feel confident I got my money’s worth and dealt with some real pros who take pride in doing a good job. – Todd from Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Gravity Furnace Replacement Contractor

Octopus Furnace Replacement MN Having served the Twin Cities for over two decades, we have replaced thousands of obsolete gravity furnaces throughout the metro area. We understand the problems with these antiquated heaters, and have installed high-efficiency replacement furnaces for many homeowners. Most contractors won’t even do these jobs, but we specialize in them. It can be a complex job, for many reasons, but we understand how to do the replacement in the most efficient affordable way possible. Most replacement installations take about a week to complete. Here’s what a typical upgrade job includes:

Affordable Cost of Gravity Furnace Replacement

In today’s energy-conscious society, there are many programs that can help you save even more by replacing your old, inefficient gravity gas-heating system. Energy companies have rebate programs to help defray the cost of your upgrade. Your purchase may qualify for manufacturer rebates, like the Carrier Cool Cash program. Even more savings may be available if you also install central air conditioning at the same time. As a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer, we get volume discounts from the manufacturer and we pass along the savings to you. We also can help you get low-rates financing options offered through Carrier. Give us a call and one of our Minnesota heating company’s sales consultants will explain all the ways that you can save money. We will be glad to provide you an in-home estimate on how much it will cost to remove and replace your octopus furnace and upgrade it to a forced-air system.

Minneapolis St. Paul Gravity Furnace Replacement Contractor

Don’t go through another year of low-efficiency, uneven heat from your obsolete heater. Call our Minnesota HVAC company today. One of our experienced, professional heating and air conditioning sales consultants will visit your home and assess your HVAC system. Then, we’ll come up with a plan, show you all of your options and prices, and provide an accurate estimate for the complete job. You need our long experience with these sometimes-difficult replacements. We can make the upgrade for you at any time of year. In our two decades of service to the Twin Cities, we’ve encountered almost every type of installation, and are the experts. Contact us soon and let us help you have the most comfortable older home in your neighborhood.