Gas Furnaces Minneapolis MN

Installing High-Efficiency Residential and Commercial Furnaces

High-Efficiency Furnaces Minneapolis St Paul No single factor is as important as the efficiency of your furnace and air conditioner in lowering energy use and the long-term costs. Modern forced-air gas furnaces, central and ductless air conditioners, and packages rooftop HVAC systems are far more efficient than those used just a decade ago. Leading manufacturers, including Carrier, Bryant, Trane, Payne, Goodman and Lennox, offer a wide range of efficiency ratings. Choosing HVAC equipment with the highest ratings may cost more in the purchase price, but will repay that additional cost later in energy savings. In addition, the rebates from manufacturers and energy companies are always tied to efficiency ratings, and are only available when you choose more efficient models for your home or commercial property in Minneapolis St. Paul.

Lennox High-Efficiency Commercial Furnace MN The price of a high-efficiency furnace depends on several factors, including, the brand, size, installation, fuel efficiency rating and control features. The bigger, more expensive systems are not necessarily better. In order to choose the right model for your requirements and budget, an in-home assessment is necessary. During the visit, we will explain the available options and their installation costs. We will let you decide what works best for your home or commercial property. We will also explain how you can qualify for money-saving rebates like those from the Carrier Cool Cash Program and energy companies. We offer seasonal promotional discounts and deals that help you lower the cost even more.

Going Green with Residential and Commercial Heating

High-Efficiency Furnace MN There’s a new wave of concern for environmental issues in the 21st Century, as more and more people realize the benefits of cutting down on energy use. From concerns about global climate change to the sheer long-term economical benefits of using less energy, going green is a hot topic these days. In Minnesota, our long extreme weather prolongs our heating and cooling seasons. As a result, keeping our homes and business environments comfortable consumes a large amount of energy. Cutting down on the use of expensive energy is a good way to start on the path toward environmentally conscious heating and cooling. The benefits of reducing energy usage with an energy-efficient furnace and air conditioner installation are many:

Choose Energy Star Rated Equipment in Minnesota

Energy Star Ratings When choosing an energy efficient heating and air conditioning product, look first for the Energy Star Logo. Awarded to products that meet energy saving standards, it’s your assurance that the equipment you’re considering meets the standards required for most rebates. Within furnaces that meet those green standards, you can often find the most efficient models, for even more savings.

When environmental concerns are important to you, either in your home or for your commercial property, choosing the right equipment is a critical, but complex issue. At our award-winning residential and commercial heating company, we’re intimately familiar with HVAC equipment from all manufacturers like Carrier, Lennox, Trane, Bryant, Goodman and Payne. Trust us to help you select, purchase and install the right equipment that meets your individual needs and goals. Call us today for a free consultation at your home or commercial property.