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Furnace Rebates and Tax Credits – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Furnace Discounts MN The federal and state government, along with energy companies like Xcel and CenterPoint Energy, want to promote sales of 96% AFUE high-efficiency gas furnaces. That’s because they use far less fuel over time, compared with standard 80% AFUE models. Cutting down on the usage of natural gas and propane is important and helps conserve these fossil fuels. For Twin Cities homeowners and small businesses, rebates and tax credits are available as incentives to choose more energy-efficient equipment. They help you lower the initial purchase price. Then, over the lifetime of your smart purchase, you’ll also benefit from lower energy bills, too.

As a trusted, leading residential and commercial heating and air conditioning company based in Minneapolis, we want to help you save money as well. As part of our free, no-obligation consultations, we’ll provide you with accurate, up-to-date information on rebates and tax credits, along with special promotions from manufacturers that help you cut costs on your purchase. We’ll also help you calculate how much you can save on energy bills by purchasing high-efficiency equipment. All of these programs are complex and subject to change at any time, so knowing what the current opportunities to save are is important. We’ll also help you find the most efficient gas furnaces that fit into your budget limitations. Here are some of the ways you can cut down the total price.

  • Energy Company Rebates up to $975 Can Mean Big Savings

    When you choose the highest efficient gas furnace and central AC system, Xcel and CenterPoint energy companies both offer substantial rebates. The more efficient your new furnace is, the larger the rebate, and furnaces with ECM variable speed blowers and 96% AFUE efficiency qualify for the largest cash rebates. When you install high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment at the same time, you can qualify to get more cash back. We’ll be happy to show you information on specific models that qualify for the maximum money-back offers. Best of all, the most efficient systems also save the most money on your monthly energy bills. Other energy companies in Minnesota also offer similar incentive programs for their customers.

  • Get up to a $500 Federal Tax Credit for Qualified Gas Furnaces and AC Units

    If you install a new, qualifying Energy Star rated heating or cooling system before December 31, 2016, you can qualify for this federal program. When you file your 2016 IRS tax forms, you’ll get a tax credit that will reduce the taxes you pay and increase your refund. This program will change in 2017, but will most likely continue, although the credit amount may vary. We always know the current tax credit situation, and will help you select qualifying equipment to make sure you get the maximum credit. We’ll work with you to explain your options and show you a range of qualifying products from which to choose.

  • Manufacturers Rebates and Incentive Programs Can Add to Your Savings

    Carrier and other manufacturers of residential HVAC equipment also offer cash back and other incentives to help promote their highest efficiency heating and cooling products. These are usually time-limited offers and apply to specific model lines. For example, Carrier offers a $600 rebate for qualified furnaces and air conditioners for a limited time. Carrier offers even larger savings, up to $1500 for limited periods, when you install both a qualifying heating and AC system at the same time. Other manufacturers have similar programs. Our representatives will tell you about currently available discounts during your free consultation. Our goal is always to find you the very best value for your investment.

  • Tax Credits and Rebates Are Also Available for Rooftop Units

    For commercial installations like rooftop HVAC systems, choosing energy-efficient units for upgrades can lead to substantial tax credits. Current credits of up to 50% of the incremental cost over less efficient systems can lead to big savings. Although that program expired at the end of 2016, similar programs are likely to exist in future years as well. Cash rebates from manufacturers may also provide additional savings when you choose energy-efficient rooftop units. Rely on our commercial HVAC company to give you current information on how much you can save through available programs. As always, choosing high-efficiency equipment will also save plenty on energy costs over its lifetime, keeping your return on investment high and operating costs low.

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